Russian Artificial Intelligence closest to pass Turing Test

(RT - 23 august 2012) - Great progresses have been made in the field of AI during the latest years. The field of the AI has had it's dark years but this research has exploded again with Governments investing billions in this type of research.

If you don't know what Artificial Intelligence stands for, well, it's the computer sciences attempt, to construct machines with an intelligence that equal or greater then human intelligence. The field of AI is big, and while some AI-researchers use all kinds of programming language to mimic human intelligence, others use the human brain as a direct model. That field is called "Reverse Engineering the Human Brain". With Brain uploading, one means the transfer of one's mental faculties into a computer, and eventually in an avatar, and granting that person, eternal life.

Lately, Russia has been reporting huge advancements in the field.  According to RT, the program called "Eugene" almost passed the so called "Turing test". The test was designed by Alan Turing almost 60 years ago. According to him, the only way to tell if a computer program has anything that resembles human intelligence is to let a human being have a conversation with it. Normally, a computer, won't pass the Turing test. You can immediately tell, that you're not speaking with a human being.

But Eugene almost did it.
"The program-emulating a personality of a 13-year old boy was exhibited at an international science contest in the United Kingdom along with four other programs. Even with the exacting criteria, “Eugene” has left all its competitors far behind." RT writes.


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